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We Are Green

Nowadays, the topic of waste recycling is very urgent as it contributes to a better ecological situation. Caucaspack products are made from recycled plastics - in this field, our company is one of the leaders in the region.

Years ago, when products made from recycled plastic were still subject to critics, we were one of the first in the region who started production based on circular economy principles.

Plastic recycling is the perfect way to reduce waste, but this is not the only reason why plastic has become an integral part of modernity.

Extended shelf life

Placing products in a plastic container prolongs their shelf life. Plastic packaging helps us
reduce the amount of food waste, which is also a crucial factor for environmental care.


Plastics protect against contamination of food. Products placed in a plastic container are well-protected from microbes and UV light.


Plastic products are particularly resistant to moisture, heat, and cold conditions. Therefore, the
storage and transportation of products placed in plastic containers are much more reliable and convenient.


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Plastics are much more efficient in terms of energy consumption. Unlike paper and cardboard, plastic weighs significantly less. Therefore, transporting plastic packaging requires fewer resources. Production of plastic packaging materials requires twice less electric energy than any other material. In this case, greenhouse gas emissions are also much lower, which is crucially important for improving the ecological situation. 

Along with high-quality products, Caucaspack is a company for which is essential to protect the environment and improve the ecological situation. Plastic recycling is the most effective method today to save nature.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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In 2020 the world faced a big challenge. According to the increased demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), within a joint EU-UN program framework, Caucaspack has started producing face shields made from recycled plastic bottles. At the pandemic peak, we supplied almost every hot spot of the country with our face shields for free. So that we not only did help the nursing staff, but we were able to keep the working places and even increase the number of employees.

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Cake Container

Best recommended for bakers. This product was great for small business able to deliver cakes.

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