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We believe that protecting the environment is just as important as creating quality and safe
products. Caucaspack products are made from recycled plastics, which promotes waste
recycling and also helps the ecology.

About Us


The history of Caucaspack begins in 2007 in Tbilisi. Currently, the production unit of our company is located in Rustavi, which is one of the key manufacturing areas in Georgia. The company is the leader in Georgia in food packaging and plastic cups production.

clear plastic container

Along with the food industry growth, the range of Caucaspack products has expanded
significantly. We already produce several types of containers for storing ready meals, cakes,
salads, as well as cups and lids. In addition, of course, we continued to make plastic egg
holders as it is the product that we used to present our company to the Georgian market.


We have more than 150 clients satisfied with our exclusive service 

For more information contact us:

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