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Caucaspack is the leader in Georgia in disposable plastic packaging production. The company was founded in 2007 in Tbilisi. Initially, the company’s activities were limited to the production of plastic egg holders, but later, with the change of market trends, the company expanded its production and increased its product range.

In 2010 Caucaspack opened an enterprise in Rustavi, one of the key manufacturing areas in Georgia.

Currently, the company produces egg holders, containers for ready-to-eat (RTE) foods, Take Away services, and pastry shops. Our partners are Spar, Sagarejo, Blueberry, Efko, Agrolein,Meskheti Poultry, Phoenix, Teleti Poultry Factory, Madagoni, Delpfood, Agrostore, Agritach,Carrefour, Bakhlava, Fresco, Agrohab, Planta, Tiflisi Bakhlava, Kobuleturi, Universam, Blueberry Farm, Koda, Savaneti, Eldorado, Nikora, Sante, Vake, Zghapari, Energo – Pro Georgia, Sufta Tskali, Smart, Cartu Bank, Soplis Nobati, Dilis Productebi, Kumisi, National Bank of Georgia, Tsiskvili, Imedi TV, Tkbili Qvekana.

Caucaspack is a member of the Packaging Manufacturers Association of Georgia (PMAG). The organization was founded under the auspices of the European Union and the United Nations. The organization aims to assist and increase the competitiveness of the packaging materials industry and its member companies. The association unites the manufacturers of packaging materials operating in Tbilisi, Imereti, and Kakheti

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Vision & Mission

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As one of the Packaging Materials Cluster member companies in Georgia, Caucaspack has a mission to be always up-to-date. Thus, we constantly monitor the dynamics of the international
market, do not lag behind the latest trends, and, most importantly, we are never afraid of innovations and challenges.



Our priorities are:


  • Environmental care - our products are made from recycled plastic, which helps to reduce waste in the environment and improve the ecological situation.

  • High quality - we make sure that any product reaches the end-user safely (in full compliance with hygiene rules). The shelf life of the product is longer when placing the perishable product in Caucaspack containers.

  • Reliability – the experience accumulated over the years and many partner companies is
    the driving force for us to create innovative products.

  • Export - to introduce Georgian products to the world market.

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LLC. "Caucaspack", as a company producing disposable PET packaging materials for food, undertakes the obligation and responsibility to ensure the safety and quality of the produced product in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, the client and the BRCGS Packaging Materials standard. The vision of the company is to be a guarantee of stability, safety, quality and to hold a leading position in the segment of production and supply of packaging materials.

The main directions for the safety and quality policy developed of the company are as follows:

  • Issues related to safety and quality should be taken into account in the company's activities and appropriate resources related to infrastructural, human and work environment should be allocated;

  • Establishment and maintain an effective HARA system, proper hygiene and manufacturing practices;

  • Achieve customer satisfaction;

  • Focus on continuous improvement of product safety and quality activities;

  • To be aimed at raising the competence, safety and quality culture, proactivity of the staff by planning appropriate trainings and active communication;

  • Establish and maintain effective external and internal communication channels regarding product safety, quality, legal and customer requirements with any party concerned alongside with the food chain;

  • To ensure the sustainable financial position of the company for the maintenance and improvement of the system;

  • To maintain a sustainable and growing sales trend on existing and new markets;

  • Legislative, regulatory, customer and existing standard requirements regarding product safety, quality, product protection and anti-counterfeiting must be taken into account.

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With the refinement and development of technologies, the necessary equipment is improved or replaced from time to time. Since 2017 several million Georgian Laris have been invested to purchase the modern technologies for Caucaspack.

The company is staffed with highly-qualified professionals. Since the foundation of our company, being informed about new trends and maintaining high quality has been our top priority.

For the mentioned reasons, our employees regularly attend training in occupational safety and environmental protection.


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